Marlon Freeman

Hello PG students, I’m Marlon a current Course Representative for Master of Public Health and looking to be your new Vice President of Wellbeing and Community. As a student representative you can assure that I will be taking a wholistic approach to students’ everyday life at university and ensuring that the university and the GSA are always thinking of the impact policy and actions will have on PG students.

I plan to approach student issues with a focus on impact of 3-domains: Physical Health, Emotional Health and Social Health. This approach will allow the opportunity to highlight the wellbeing of PG students from decision and actions being taken by the university or GSA.

My main platform is:

Back to Normal- As Covid-19 has made students resilient, I want to ensure the transition back to normal post-Covid life is inclusive to all. I plan to coordinate a continuation of online virtual events and pair with in-person opportunities. This will allow students to be social and meet people in what they feel is their safe space and allow students who want more in-person social interaction to do so as well safely. Lastly, a continuation of the student friendship matching service for students to meet others based on program and interests for the building of a strong PG community.

Finally, I commit to ensuring that my work will foster a safe community for all PG students including those who are off-campus and remote students to create a global community that accepts all for who they are.