Kennedy Okpararaolu


Our ideas are inspired to project your voices with through devotion to service. Thank you for your time.

Experience and skill

Having worked in almost 4 different industries over a period, I have developed the administrative, social and team building skills required to lead the association. I have served in the position of LOM President of the JCI collegiate chapter, Executive Secretary and Executive Vice President of the metropolitan chapter. Presently, I am a Junior Chamber International Ambassador. I have also served as the course representative for MSC international Management and International Relations in Oxford Brookes University.

Currently, I Serve as the Post graduate officer of the York Politics society.


  1. Increased Students Participation in the GSA
    If elected, I would work with the team to restructure the activities of the GSA towards being more student interest focused. Our future activities would serve the needs of the students. This would require listening carefully to our members.
  2. GSA as a Primary Support Structure for Students
    If elected, I would work with the team to redesign the support structure of the GSA. We would act to avoid some concerns of students being left out. The aim is to reflect the GSA’s position as the primary provider of support to all our members with issues ranging from mental health, academic progress, management representation, personal welfare, and vital community integration critically necessary as observed during the pandemic.
  3. Inclusivity
    If elected, I would work with the team to provide a platform for all categories of students equally. New and existing students with varying forms of interest and orientation will be tailored to and their views represented.