Kasturi Hazarika

We are one and we are all in this together!

I am standing in the GSA post-graduate elections, for the post of Vice President – Wellbeing and Community, as I have a vision for a better life for the post-graduate community. I have the following agendas in mind for making the lives of our post-graduate community better:

  1. I want to ensure that mental health needs of students are made a priority, and for this I want to introduce some new ways of approaching mental health, which includes bringing in cultural resources and art-based methods to help students tackle their mental health and wellbeing issues. I also want to introduce drop-in sessions in OD for students needing urgent and emergency support.
  2.  I want to ensure that housing services are affordable by the student community and that the services provided by university accommodations services are of good quality. I also want to introduce a spare room in every college, so that any student dealing with any issues and wanting to be alone for some time can access that facility and have their own space, without having to go out of campus or the city when wanting some space to be by themselves. I also want to work and negotiate for having flexibility in accommodation contacts and ensure that rent prices are lowered.
  3. I also want to make sure that student support fund application process is made easier, and also negotiate for having flexibility in grant awarding criteria. I also want to increase the funding of £340 for students in their write-up year to £3000.
  4. I want to work towards bettering the experiences of international students and ensure that they are aware of all the support systems and advice services that are available in place to support them. I also want to ensure that there is enough financial support available for international students.

Why Me?

You should vote for me because I stand for peace, love, equality and justice. I am very self-motivated and enthusiastic about working for the cause of building a healthy society, where everyone’s wellbeing needs are met with, and want to achieve my vision of a better and comfortable life for the post-graduate community at York. Above all, I care and am a very empathetic person.

Let us join hands to bring to life, the vision of a better student life for the post-graduate community of York. We are one and we are all in this together!