Joseph Copping

Go for Joe!

Day Trips – Travelling to places such as Scarborough and the Dales are at the top of my agenda. I want postgraduates to make the most of their time in York and that means exploring Yorkshire. Coach journeys with friends, and fish and chips by the sea are a great way to do this. I aim to ensure that students can visit the countryside and see British culture outside the city.

Alcohol-free socials – I enjoy a pint as much as the next person. But too often, the choice is between staying at home or meeting friends and having alcohol. As Wellbeing and Community Officer it would be my priority to normalise non-alcoholic social events. The National Railway Museum, York dungeons, and the city walls are a few examples of what York has to offer, beyond a pub.

Competitive Sport – Playing sport is an excellent way of maintaining good mental and physical wellbeing. I have benefitted from postgraduate football on Thursdays. While sport will remain inclusive and open to all, I want to introduce more competitive sports for students. The University has exceptional sporting facilities and postgraduates should utilise them.

These are my core policies. Living alone this year, I have drawn from personal experiences on how to enhance wellbeing.

I have developed these ideas as a way to improve students’ wellbeing. Fostering an environment for people to interact with one another and make lifelong memories, is my soul aim.

I am studying an MA in Public Policy and Public Administration. The course has shown the difference that effective policymaking brings to people’s lives, which has inspired me to stand.

Mainly though, it has been a realisation that a strong community is essential for a positive wellbeing. I believe I can unite the postgraduate community.