Jasmine JiaYing Tan

Vote Jasmine #1!

Let’s help you get a home!

  • International students struggle with landlords and finding homes so I want to train volunteers to help you.
  • GSA help you contact the landlord to ensure safety, reasonable rent and the house picture is consistent.

Let’s bring your pets with you!

  • Setting a volunteer group at the university to take care of your pets while you have seminar/ lecture
  • Walking dogs or Companying your pets while you have many classes, then pets will not feel lonely, you can also feel security and happy.

Let’s make tampons free!

  • Providing free tampons in all toilets on campus
  • Accidents happen; Go to the bathroom without your phone or cash when period suddenly come, then you could use the free tampons, make life more convenient.

Let’s have more street food on campus!

  • We need more “The Mac Shack”!
  • Introducing more street food on east and west campus, have more food options on campus.


Hi, this is JiaYing Tan, you also can call me Jasmine.

“Wellbeing” is a small and big word. Obviously, this year is not a normal year. Everyone is familiar with Zoom meeting. For me, my biggest interest is making friends, which means that the online courses did not bring me a very good experience. Staying at home, all the shops, restaurants close, every day sucks.

As the lockdown eased, we allowed six people to meet outside. I joined some in-person activities hold by the university which really cheers me up. Because most postgraduate students will only stay in York for one year, for international students it may only be one year in the UK, I really want to do something to make our year more fulfilling and happier.

Running this position is the most courageous thing I have done recently. I believe everyone makes special decisions sometimes, and the election was a special thing for me. If you ask me why you need to vote for me, the first thought in my mind is that I care.

I care; I care you and your life. I will always be here when you need me. I will try my best to help you with the wellbeing team.
Vote Jasmine – FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/jiaying.tan.5055