Ekansh Kapoor

#PurityAbovePower #UOY_YOU

I am Ekansh Kapoor and I am running for VP Academics in the upcoming election because I believe I have the most pragmatic and realistic ideas that deal with the concerns that I have seen and heard from across campus.

This role is actually all about YOU, your education and your welfare. I hope to represent students on matters relating directly to students’ education like teaching quality, library provision and feedback. However, I know that sometimes we all need advice, support and a listening ear. My aim is to ensure that every student has access to whatever support they need in order to make their time at UOY as wonderful as possible.

I aim to provide a direct link between you and the university’s support network. If there is something that you want to see improved that doesn’t appear on this manifesto, get in touch, as I want to represent YOU!

If elected these are the pledges I will be mainly working on:

Reward Points: When using any paid service at University for example Supermarket or coffee cafe, I’ll ensure that they get cheaper by using Reward Point System.

Part-time job and internship assistance – Students struggles a lot in finding part time jobs and internships, I’ll focus on increasing the assistance given to the students.

Module Information – I will work on providing more information to students when they are choosing their optional modules. I will make sure that the students will never feel like they do not have enough information. This includes not only details about the content of a specific module, but also information about assessment breakdown. Every department needs to provide more information about the lecturer and lecturing style.

Workshops for Fresher’s- I will work on organizing more workshops by the Student Union on topics such as Plagiarism, Essay Writing skills, budgeting for books and fees, and easy steps for search of online journals and resources.

Let’s promote a strong sense of togetherness by voting Ekansh Kapoor as your VP for Academics

#PurityAbovePower #UOY_YOU