Congwei Zheng

Hi everyone. My name is Congwei Zheng. I am currently a taught postgraduate student majoring in social media and social research. I am from mainland China.

My undergraduate study was carried out in China, and my major was radio and television editing and directing. In the course of my undergraduate study, I have mastered a series of practical skills such as video shooting, video editing, photo photography, news writing, etc. Therefore, I am also the head of the Omnimedia centre of the undergraduate university. My main job is to assist teachers to complete the promotion of the university. I also worked as an intern director at Zhejiang TV Station in China, and the documentary I shot was also shown on China Youth Daily, which was welcomed by everyone. In the course of undergraduate study, when we need to complete the creation of a work, we must cooperate in a team. Because a documentary or a micro-film cannot be completed by one person, it will test a person’s communication and leadership skills very much. There is a saying that one person can go faster but a group of talents can go further. I always acted as a director when finishing our work. The director needs to have strong leadership skills, be responsible for the scene, and coordinate the assignment of tasks such as camera editing. In this process, my abilities have been enhanced in all aspects.

When I saw the GSA election notice, I felt in my heart that I must seize this opportunity, and I must bravely take this step to participate in the election. First of all, from my level, participating in the election can improve my organizational and management skills, and this experience will also add lustre to my future employment. Secondly, in 2020, I am honoured to get an offer from the Department of Sociology at the University of York, and formally entered the University of York to study for a master’s degree in September 2020. The epidemic situation is still very serious worldwide. Our teaching has also been greatly affected. Especially in the second semester of 2020 the University year, all courses were conducted online, and the first semester was also a combination of online and offline. Fortunately, the British government is now vaccinating the people in an orderly manner, so we can see that the United Kingdom and the world are gradually reopening, and the epidemic situation has improved. This year has been an extraordinary and difficult year for everyone. Everyone has no way to participate in normal social interactions. Every day they take online lessons in their small room or apartment of about 15 square meters. Every day when you go out, you must wear masks and take preventive measures. A Chinese classmate at the University of York I know chose to leave the University and return to China because he was too lonely and got depression during the epidemic. I know that the University has done its best to help students solve various difficulties during the epidemic. As far as I know, there are food and vouchers provided during the quarantine period, and the University will reimburse students for nucleic acid testing fees when they arrive in the UK. In addition, there are online chat rooms organized by the respective colleges, and what I know is the emergency fund during the epidemic… the University was very caring. I also enjoy some of the benefits I mentioned, but I think these are far from enough. As a Chinese, as an Asian, I think I should be their representative. For example, the emergency fund with a limit of 500 pounds, I found through chatting with classmates that it is very difficult for Asian students to apply. It seems that this fund is only for European students. What’s more noteworthy is that students from all of Asia are paying more tuition fees for international students than EU students. From another perspective, we have contributed more to the construction of the University than local students. As far as my major is concerned, we need to pay about 17,000 pounds of tuition, So should we give more care and support to international students? We should not be ignored. In the past two months, I have also frequently seen the news about unprovoked attacks on Asian faces in the UK. For example, a Chinese girl on the streets of Sheffield was recently hit by a stranger for no reason. We are in the same world, and neither colour nor race should be the reason for our discrimination. Therefore, if I succeed in being elected as Vice-President of Welfare and Community, I will be committed to the struggle for the equality of students at the University of York and the welfare of Asian students. I will strive for more funds or physical support for Asian students. Secondly, I will also hold relevant forums to discuss how to better safeguard the rights and interests of Asian students.