Cheng Wang

In my opinion, the GSA team is a bridge which connected the University and students, it’s very important. So, I want to join in the GSA team and to do my best to help students better integrate into campus life. Especially because of the impact of the epidemic, offline courses and activities have not yet been carried out. Students can only attend courses with teachers and classmates through platforms such as Zoom. At this time, the wellbeing and community team of GSA is very important to help the University establish contact with students. That’s the top reason that I apply for the Wellbeing and Community position of GSA.

About me, I am very enthusiastic and friendly, and I’d like to organize events to get together the people who have the same interest and passion. I used to be a manager in a retail store, so I know some psychology of people and I can help them solve some confusions. For example, how to not feel lonely during the epidemic, and how to adapt to the new campus life, and so on.