Academic Representation

Academic Representation

The University of York has a multi-tiered system of student representation. Postgraduates elect representatives at three levels:

Course Reps

Course Reps are elected by all students on their programme of study or research at the start of the year. Different departments use different methods; most use the YUSU website, whilst others run their own online elections, or hold meetings where they are elected in person. Look out for more information during Postgraduate Welcome Week and your departmental inductions.

Course Reps represent students in departments and attend the Board of Studies meetings, student-staff fora and other departmental committees.

Faculty Reps

Faculty Reps are elected by postgraduate Course Reps from amongst themselves. They represent students to their Faculty, and attend the Faculty Board meetings.

GSA Officers

The GSA has three full-time sabbatical officers, with the Vice President Academic representing students on academic matters across the University.