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GSA Bulletin 

The GSA Bulletin is a regular newsletter that goes out to all registered postgraduate students at the University of York. The bulletin is emailed to students weekly during term-time and the winter / easter holidays and fortnightly during summer. It is a vital information source for students and has a very high open (70% over Autumn term and 60% through the rest of the academic year) and click-through rate.

Currently the newsletter is sent out on Monday afternoons.

Student Feedback

“The GSA lets us know what we need to know before we need to know it”  – Winter Focus Group, December 2017

“I like the way it is formatted into sections of clear information so I can click to what I want to read” – PGT Arrivals Focus Group, November 2017

“The GSA Bulletin has everything in it, it stands out among all the emails I get in my University inbox” – PGT Arrivals Focus Group, November 2017


  • Please send content in before Friday afternoon to be featured in the bulletin on Monday afternoon. You can either submit your item via the form on our website or email directly. If emailing, please include “bulletin” and the date you would like the item to appear from in the subject line.
  • Items can be up to 400 characters in length including spaces and links (we have found that bulletin items that are shorter in length and used as a “signpost” for further information tend to get better responses and higher click-through rates compared to large paragraphs of text )
  • Images can be included but must be resized to Width 500px by Height 200px max. These should be emailed to
  • A item can feature in the bulletin up to 3 weeks in a row. After 3 weeks it will be taken out of the bulletin. A repeated item will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances. Please consider this when sending in an item, particularly for events
  • If you are an organisation outside of the University of York and would like an item in our bulletin please email Matt at for more information about pricing plans

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