GSA Awards Results 2024

On Friday 21st June the GSA celebrated the last ever GSA Awards night. A huge congratulations to our winners, and a recognition to our nominees for their fantastic contributions and work towards our postgraduate community.

GSA Wellbeing and Community Award 

Winner – Anna Varma

GSA Academic Award

Highly Commended – Tabby Holland

Highly Commended – Vivek Baghel

Winner- Megan Woodward

Presidents Award

Highly Commended – Abhilash Koomulla Kandy

Highly Commended –Teresa Chien

Highly Commended –Zhihe Zhuang

Winner –  Chen, Yung-Shen (Judy)

Council Member of the Year Award

Highly Commended  Tabby Holland

Highly Commended Vivek Baghel

Winner Anna Hernandez

Making Postgrads Matter Award

Highly Commended – Linda Dunlop

Highly Commended – Andy Doughill


Community Spirit Award

Highly Commended – AHMED NOUH

Highly Commended-CLAIRETH Paola Cantillo

Highly Commended- Luca Upper

Winner – Raleigh O’Sullivan

Great Service Award

Highly Commended – Daniel March

Highly Commended – Simon Hare

Highly Commended – Susie Gridley

Winner – Megan Varley

Academic Rep of the Year Award

Highly Commended – Xinrui Zheng

Highly Commended- Sarah Negat Amir

Highly Commended- Sam Philip

Winner – Mihai Mocanu

Community Volunteer Award

Winner – Vijay Wadhwani

GSA Network of the Year Award

Highly Commended- PHD Network

Highly Commended- Master’s Network

Winner- Nights Out Network

Volunteer of the Year Award

Highly Commended- Niamh Williams

Highly Commended- Rumesha Siriwardena

Highly Commended- Kathryn Briggs

Highly Commended- Lucie Salt

Winner – Anna Varma

Trustee Recognition Award

Winner – Dominic Smithies

27th June 2024