Strike Action Update – from your VP Academic Ekansh Kapoor

The GSA does not want non-striking Graduate Teaching Assistants to be overburdened with covering for the ones who are striking, which we understand was the case in previous industrial action.

Our understanding is that the University won’t force GTA’s to cover. If a GTA wants to cover work, they can. It is totally up to them.

We now have a level of clarity on this from the University.

The University is under an obligation to mitigate the impact of industrial action on students and will try as far as possible to maintain students’ learning. One way in which the University can do this is by asking colleagues to substitute where appropriate and GTAs may be asked to do this.

For GTAs that are on a casual statement of engagement, there is no obligation for you to accept any additional work that you are offered. It is your choice as to whether you wish to pick this up or not.

For GTAs that are on a contract of employment, you may wish to participate in the strike action on 1, 2 and 3 of December, and as long as you are not a member of any union other than UCU you are entitled to do so. You will need to follow the same reporting of action as other staff members and appropriate deductions of pay will be made.

If you are a GTA on a contract of employment that is not participating in the strike action, you may be asked to substitute for some teaching. It is also possible that you may be asked to cover and offered additional hours to do so, if this is the case you can decline this, it is your choice whether you wish to take on hours over your contracted hours.

Please note any visa restrictions will continue to apply.

29th November 2021