6 Questions for your Sabb – Jia

We asked our new Sabbatical Officers six questions, to help you learn a little bit about them, and for them to help you understand a bit more about Postgrad life at York.

What’s your role in under 30 words?

My official role title is VP Wellbeing and Community. In short, this is a role that makes everyone happier by communicating with graduate students and organising activities.

Tell us a funny story about yourself

When I was traveling, I booked a room on the 17th floor. My friend said my laughter was so loud, she could hear it all the way on the ground floor of the building!

What was your favourite thing about being a Postgrad?

My favourite thing about being a postgrad was that I gathered my courage to participate in some activities held by university and the GSA, and met some good friends.

If you could only accomplish one thing this year, what would it be?

I hope I can meet new people, make some friends and travel with them.

What’s the best food in York?

The best food in York always goes to ice-cream shops. Ice-cream is always the best.

Any final thoughts to tell students in their first term?

My advice is that by joining any activity you can. You are not as busy as you think you are, and activities are more interesting than you think.

18th October 2021