Animal Watching #KeepHomeandCarryOn

We all love cute animals. The problem is, a lot of us live in houses that don’t allow pets. Or, we have pets, but they’re living with our family members far away.

In this time of self-isolation and staying at home, it’s easy to feel lonely.

But even if we can’t take you to the outdoors, we can bring the outdoors to you.

Here’s a list of our five favourite ways to get a daily dose of the wild.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Now, I’ve no idea where Monterey actually is. I’m going to guess the U.S.A but I feel as though it could just as easily be Canada. Right now, it doesn’t matter – because Monterey Bay Aquarium is online. There’s a ton of aquatic animals to watch such as moon jelly fish, sharks, and my personal favourite, penguins. It’s feeding time right as I’m writing this and they are adorable. Go and watch by following this LINK. It is worth noting, however, that it is essentially an online zoo visit and so might be a little less interactive than some others like our next one…

Cincinatti Zoo

The Cincinatti Zoo facebook page is great. There’s constant content of the loveliest animals with the promise of a few facebook live sessions over the next few weeks to really see what the animals are like. Kris the cheetah looks so much like a plush animal that I frowned at it very hard for several minutes trying to tell whether it was real or not. That’s the level of cuteness we’re talking about here.

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo has some of the bigger beasties on camera. Elephants, koalas, tigers and polar bears (oh my!). Similar to Monterey, it’s more of a live cam filming the animals in their zoo habitat, as opposed to the more informal content that Cincinatti are producing. At my time of watching, it seems to be dark in San Diego, so all I can see is the white belly of a penguin resting, but I’m sure it’ll be good come daylight hours. Check it out HERE.

Bird Watching

Now, I’ll be honest. I don’t really care about birds. But there is something pretty special when you see one hopping in front of you, right up close. That’s what these livestreams are hoping to give you – the thrill of seeing a bird up close without it even realising you’re there (because you’re not, you’re somewhere else down the camera). If bird watching is your thing then follow this LINK

Beardsley Zoo 

Red pandas are cool. What more needs to be said. You can find the stream HERE, though be warned that it isn’t always live.

We’ll be putting out more of these recommendations over the next few weeks. If you have any suggestions you can contact me at:

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23rd March 2020