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The winter is approaching and unfortunately there are still many displaced people across the continent in need of help. Students and staff from the University of York, volunteering with grassroots groups From York With Love and Friends Helping Refugees , have organised a collection of items urgently needed in Calais.  Please see below for a…

16th October 2017

Charlotte’s Blog – Welcome to York

Hi! Welcome to York! (and welcome back to our returning Postgraduates!). I hope that you are now settled in, ready for the start of term. It’s been a very busy week, and it was great to see so many of you at our various welcome week events  – if you still haven’t picked up a…

25th September 2017

Guide for International Students

Every year international students tell us that they can sometimes struggle to understand UK customs or how do something UK students take for granted like accessing the NHS. In order to help new international students we’ve put together an handy guide covering some of the basics and answering those questions you might feel silly asking….

1st September 2017

Win £500 worth of Amazon vouchers in the GSA Postgraduate Experience Survey 2017

This year the GSA is running a large experience survey inclusive of ALL postgraduate students. The survey will be open between Monday 3 July and Tuesday 1 August 2017. Each student who completes the survey will be entered into a prize draw where we will be awarding five Amazon vouchers worth £100 each.* The GSA Postgraduate…

3rd July 2017

Rasha’s Blog – No food, no drink?

  Being part of the GSA for the past 2 years, I gained amazing friends from different faiths, and faithless backgrounds. One of my dear friends once asked me: “why do Muslims congratulate each other at the start of Ramadan. Do you congratulate each other on having to suffer a month of hunger?!! I would…

20th June 2017

GSA Summer 17 Election Results

The summer elections are now over and we are extremely pleased to say that this was one of our most engaging elections for years. There were 4893 eligible voters and 681 votes which meant we had a voter turnout of 14%. This is almost triple the turnout of last years elections, and almost 200 votes more than our…

13th June 2017

Saad’s Blog – The pursuit of satisfaction

Always consider your research on a wider scale. Even if you don’t think your research has strong immediate connection to society, it will. At a later point, it will always be useful for someone somewhere. Too often in our lives we forget the bigger picture and this is unhealthy and unnecessary. By remembering that we…

15th May 2017

Rasha’s Blog – AGM time!

Dear fellow students, this Wednesday 3rd May is the GSA annual general meeting (AGM), and I encourage you all to attend. The meeting is your chance to be briefed about what Kate and myself have been doing since the start of the year, the problems we have been able to solve, the issues that we…

1st May 2017

Kate’s Blog – Week 1 De-stress

I hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend, I spent some of mine at home seeing the dogs, also my parents, but mostly the dogs, which was great. So here we are, it’s Week 1, which is not something anybody wants, particularly with exams and deadlines looming like big, horrible smelly things, but…

17th April 2017

Rasha’s blog – International and proud!

This weekend, I have been invited to give a talk in the Egyptian cultural Bureau, Egyptian Embassy in London. The event was a chance to see the research conducted by Egyptian Professors, as well and research students in the UK. I was extremely proud of the amazing ideas, originality and dedication all the speakers presented…

20th March 2017